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Our Story

The Marzena story began more than 30 year ago... it was on a beach in Spain where an intrepid Kiwi David Morpeth met a Spanish beauty, Mari Carmen.
They relocated back to New Zealand and discovered there was not the range of ‘at home’ hair removal products that she was used to in Spain.
So, they made their own, discovering other people were interested too, and so Marzena was born.

Launched in 1989, Marzena is a New Zealand owned company that produces high-quality at-home hair removal products. We have developed some
revolutionary hair removal products, with 100% compostable Natural Wax Strips and Pink Clay Leg Mask being our latest innovations.

A full family affair –David, Mari Carmen and their children have all been apart of the Marzena journey. David passed the baton to his son Charlie,
who is the Managing Director, Steve is a chemistry wizz and works on product formulations, and Mari Carmen was the lead model in many
how-to product videos in the 1990’s. David Morpeth is still passionately involved and is at the heart and soul of Marzena, ensuring the
Marzena ethos of producing high-quality and effective products is upheld.

Today, we continue to proudly develop and manufacture our hair removal lotions and liquid sugar wax in our Auckland factory. 
We remain dedicated to providing effective & easy to use hair removal products, suitable for anyone wanting to remove body hair.

Established in 1989 New Zealand owned