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Sustainability & Environment


At marzena, we understand the importance of caring for our planet and wanting to do the right thing to protect it for the future.

We are on a continuous journey to make all of our products sustainable, and we are pro-actively reducing plastic from our packaging.

We are pretty proud of the results so far:



  • Our Natural Facial & Body Wax Strips are kind to you & kind to the planet the most sustainable at home hair removal product in Australasia.
  • Our Natural wax strips are made using certified 100% Compostable clear cellophane (domestically & commercially), reducing our carbon footprint and contribution to landfill.
  • The wax formula is made using sustainably sourced Natural Pine Tree Resin and features recycled cardboard packaging (including shipper cartons).
  • Liquid Sugar Wax now in a cosmetic grade glass jar, all components are recyclable (jar/lid/ casca seal).
  • Natural Cotton Strips we use unbleached cotton strips which is kinder on the environment.
  • Sensitive Hair Removal Lotion tubes are migrating to Sugarcane PE at the start of 2022.
  • Pink Clay Leg Mask tubes are migrating to Sugarcane PE at the start of 2022.
  • Recycled Cardboard SRTs we re moved all plastic trays and bags from our products. Recycled Shipper Cartons made from recycled materials. 

Company & Factory

  • We source ingredients and componentry locally where possible, to support our economy and reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Our lotions & liquid sugar wax products are made right here in New Zealand, at our Auckland based factory.
  • We use 100% naturally derived ethanol is used to sanitise and clean manufacturing equipment.
  • We wash down manufacturing equipped with grease trap, to prevent oil spills going down the drain & into our precious water ways.
  • We have a firm process in place to manage the level of wastage and our waste streams, meaning all cardboard is recycled separately to plastic, to efficiently reduce our contribution to landfill.
  • We also work to continually reduce energy and water consumption as much as possible.