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Helpful Tips


Here at Marzena, we believe that the choice to remove body hair is entirely personal, and should never have to be justified. We also believe that education is key to great results, so here are some helpful hints to help demystify a long practiced ritual.



Different areas of the body grow hair in different directions – even your legs have different growth patterns. So get up close and personal with yourself, and have a closer look to help get the most out of your hair removal.



Wax Strips

Warming up a strip:
 Rub between your hands, and the strip will become softer – supple. Slowly peel them apart, and then you have two ready to use strips. The slow peel is to ensure that there is an even distribution of wax on each strip.

Reusing a strip: After removing from the skin, fold in half so the wax touches, warm between your hands, and then slowly peel apart. This helps reinvigorate the wax so it can potentially be used again.

Application of a strip: Place on area you wish to wax, and rub firmly with the direction of the hair growth.

Removal of the strip: holding the skin firmly, zip the strip back, against the direction of the hair growth.

Residual Wax: a section of the used wax strip is great for removing any remaining wax – just simply dab the strip on to it.

Once you have finished waxing, you can use either an after wax wipe, or any natural oil, to remove any remaining wax.

Facial Wax Strips -  Waxing your Eyebrows:

Preparation: Get your Marzena Facial Wax Strips out of the box – they’re the perfect size, no cutting needed!
Ensure your skin is completely dry.
Using a spoolie, brush your eyebrow hairs in one direction.
Form an imaginary line from the outside of your nose to the middle of your eyebrow, this is where your natural arch will usually sit.

Warming up a strip: Rub between your hands, and the strip will become softer – supple. Slowly peel them apart, and then you have two ready to use strips. The slow peel is to ensure that there is an even distribution of wax on each strip.

Application & removal: 
Apply the strip above the first half of your eyebrow, with firm pressure and in the direction of the hair.
Holding your skin firm and tight (taut) with one hand, use the other hand to hold the wax strips and quickly zip back against the hair growth. Repeat at the tail end of your eyebrow. For the space in between your eyebrows (the middle section), apply the wax strip and zip in a downward direction.
We do not recommend waxing underneath your eyebrows, as the skin close to the eye area is delicate. Use tweezers to remove any remaining stray hairs.

Residue wax: Residue wax can be removed off the skin by dabbing with a section of the used strip. Use a Marzena soothing aftercare wipe to clean and soothe after waxing. You can also use a gentle facial oil or water-based moisturiser after treatment.

Liquid Sugar Wax

Apply wax with hair growth – a thin layer that you can still see the skin through

Apply the cotton strips, and smooth down with the hair growth.

Remove wax against hair growth, zipping the cotton strip back, while hold the skin taut.

Hair Removal Lotion

If you know that you have stubborn hair, then try softening the hair with warm water first, then dry the area thoroughly and apply the cream or lotion.


Comments heard over the years

It takes so long to wax – shaving is faster

  • We hear this a lot. And we understand! Just have a think back to the first few times you shaved, and how you have gotten faster with practice. Waxing is the same. The more you do it, the faster you get. With the added benefit that over time, waxing does reduce the hair regrowth, so you will have less to wax.

Waxing takes off my tan

  • Yes it will, as often the top few layers of the epidermis come off with a wax, and with a razor as well. 
  • We recommend timing your wax/cream/hair removal for a few days before a tan. Waxing is a great way to help exfoliate and prep the skin back to a nice even base, giving your tan the best foundation for longevity.



    Hold Skin Taut

    Taut means tight, rather than slack. By holding the skin firm and tight, you will have a better waxing result as the wax is less likely to pull on the skin when removing, and assist with removing the hair from the roots.

    Zip Back

    When removing a strip, aim to keep it close and parallel to the skin, rather than lifting away. This is the technique that will give the best result with the least pain.